Where to find Vietnam administrative level 4 shapefile?

Where to find Vietnam administrative level 4 shapefile?

I am new to mapping, and would like to make a custom map using Vietnam's administrative boundaries shape file. I found a great source at, but it is licensed for non-commercial use only.

I am not currently planning to do anything commercial, but didn't know if there might be another source that is not as restrictive just so that I don't have to worry down the line? I have looked around and it seems really hard to find.

I looked at OpenStreetMap (OSM), but I think they don't get as specific as the files, OSM seems to only get down to rural districts and not the commune level.

I might be wrong about OSM though, as I haven't really delved into it.

The GADM database of Global Administrative Areas has downloadable shapefile up to level four for Viet Nam. One of the best covered country.

Have a closer look at openmapsurfer… choose a grayscale layer and the boundary overlay, and zoom to the area you are interested in… boundary visible?

Then try boundary service by OSM-user wambacher… choose the country and province etc from the tree menu at the left. Then you can export the boundary silhouette in different formats.

Watch the video: How to download Shapefile Data GIS for any country