Geoserver WPS clip and ship on Layer group?

Geoserver WPS clip and ship on Layer group?

Is it possible in geoserver to clip on a layer group rather then a single layer. I have the scenario where i would like to enable the user to extract vector data as zip but not from only a single layer but combination of layers. At the moment the Clip WPS function only accepts a single layer as input. What could the possible solutions for this?

like combining all zip files into a single zip file or using sub processes?

MassGIS's OLIVER application has a tool just for this purpose. All the code (Open Layers/ Geoserver) is freely available. Oddly, the tool icon is behind "Available Data Layers", so you have to shrink or close that box to see it. I'm not familiar with the details.

Watch the video: Why geoserver? WMS, WFS, WCS, WPS. tekson