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B Constants and Conversion Factors - Geosciences More

B Constants and Conversion Factors - Geosciences

1° latitude = 111 km = 60 nautical miles (nm) Caution: This relationship does NOT hold for degrees longitude. a = 149.598 Gm = semi-major axis of Earth orbitA = 0.306 = Bond albedo (NASA 2015)A = 0.367 = visual geometric albedo (NASA 2015)b = 149.090 Gm = semi-minor axis of Earth orbitd = 149.5978707 Gm = average sun-Earth distance = 1 Astronomical Unit (AU) (NASA 2015)daphelion = 152.

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14.1.7: Sea Level Change - Geosciences More

14.1.7: Sea Level Change - Geosciences

Sea level change has been a feature on Earth for billions of years, and it has important implications for coastal processes, estuaries, and both erosional and depositional features. There are two main mechanisms of sea level change, eustatic and isostatic, as described below.Eustatic sea level changes are global sea level changes related to changes in the volume of water in the ocean.

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Distance between coordinates More

Distance between coordinates

I placed some cones on a sports playing field and estimated their locations using latitude/longitude coordinates. An example pair of estimated latitude/longitude coordinates is 54.96975, -1.51407. …

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